• Children's Literary Festival

    Children's Literary Festival
    October 22nd - 23rd 2011

    A free festival for school children mainly in the south of Sri Lanka. We are expecting 1000 children for a weekend of sports, drama, music, debates, workshops,  excursions and performances. It is a festival for children of all ages.


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  • Amangalla wet shave

    Amangalla wet shave
    Wet shave

    Got to be done at least once....enjoy the perfect wet shave followed by face and head massage at the Amangalla.

    For more information visit:

    contact: +94 91 223 3388

  • Cooking Tour

    Cooking Tour
    Galle Fort culinary tour

    Take a culinary trip around the Fort to sample the best of Sri Lankan street food and home cooking.

    For more information visit:

    contact: +94 91 224 6815

  • Galle Fort maritime museum

    Galle Fort maritime museum
    Church Street

    The museum has a great collection of exhibits found in underwater expeditions. Artefacts as old as 800 years salvaged from ship wrecks are on display. You are expected to pay to enter.


  • Thilaks Salon

    Thilaks Salon
    Church Street

    If your in need of a quick beard trim or hair cut, Thilaks is the place to go.

    contact: +94 775 954 375

  • Galle Literary Festival

    Galle Literary Festival
    Annual literary festival

    Each year a plethora of contemporary local and international writers descend on the Fort for lectures, debates, interviews and lunches / dinners.  

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  • Pedicures and Manicures

    Pedicures and Manicures

    The perfect service to soothe and nurture your hands and feet in the comfort of your own home, hotel or villa.

    contact: +94 779 305 906

  • Walking Tours

    Walking Tours
    Walking tours around the fort

    These tailor-made walks will give you an unforgettable insight into the best-preserved living colonial Fort in Asia.

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    contact: +94 91 224 6815

  • Amangalla Spa

    Amangalla Spa
    Indulgent spa treatments

    If fluffy towels and serious pampering is your thing then indulge yourself in a wide range of treatments at this beautiful spa.

    For more information visit:

    contact: +94 91 223 3388

  • Idle Bikes

    Idle Bikes
    Guided bike tours

    Explore the beautiful lush countryside around Galle, past Temples, through paddy fields and catch a taste of this rural Eden.

    for more information visit:

    contact: +94 777 906 156

  • Idle Boats

    Idle Boats
    Guided boat tours

    Offer a beautiful day out paddling along the serene Gin Ganja close to the Fort.

    for more information email: 

    contact: +94 777 906 156

  • Idle Afternoons

    Idle Afternoons
    Relaxed afternoons on a paddy island

    Spend an afternoon surrounded by lush paddy fields on a tropical paddy island sipping tea and eating cake. 10 mins from the Fort. 

    For more information e-mail: 

    contact: +94 777 906 156

  • Handunugoda Estate

    Handunugoda Estate
    Tea estate and factory

    The major export of Sri Lanka, tea is a vital part of the local economy and a visit to this estate is a must. See, learn, pick, taste and buy. 

    For more information e-mail:

    contact: +94 91 223 4136

  • Surf Breaks

    Surf Breaks
    Sri Lanka surf breaks

    From Hikaduwa, 20 mins north of the Fort, to Welligama, 30 mins south east, with several in between the southern coast has some amazing breaks to cater to experienced and beginner.

    contact: no phones on the beach

  • Mirissa Water Sports

    Mirissa Water Sports
    Whale watching & water sports

    About 40 mins from the fort in Mirissa boats leave to view the amazing and vast blue whales; dolphins and sperm whale.

    For more information visit:

    contact: +94 773 597 731

  • Yala National Park

    Yala National Park
    Yala National Park

    Presently 3 hrs by car, Yala boasts one of the highest leopard densities in the world along with wild elephants, exotic birds, monkey, bears, crocs, and much more.


  • Sunshine Water Sports

    Sunshine Water Sports
    Extreme water sports

    Located in Bentota, about 1 hr by car or train, Sunshine Water Sports provide; windsurfing, waterskiing, wake boarding, river cruise and lots more.

    For more information visit:

    contact: +94 34 428 9379